Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Bostonian restaurant in the heart of Chinatown SG.... seriously?!

Me: "What's that across the street?"

Friend looks, and says. "Oh really?"

Me: Oh I must take a picture of it.

Let's see what drinks they've got. Hmm...

Wine? Okayyyy, nevermind. What about food?

I see...

Huh, look at that. They serve Nonya (Straits Chinese) food.

What some of it is:
Ayam Pedas = chicken with chilli
Chap Chye Nonya = mix vegetable stew
Ikan Selar Sambal = grilled fish with chilli
Sotong Sambal Chilli = Squid in shrimp paste chilli
Chendol = a dessert, coconut milk, ice, red bean and green jelly strips.

Finds the flyer --

Tanjong Pagar Road

How it used to be.

Pagoda Street

Ann Siang Hill -- Buildings standing "shoulder to shoulder"

...so to speak.

How to keep an old shophouse cool in Singapore

Ann Siang Hill Greens (Chinatown)

Some palm trees and banana trees here, along with wooden benches for sitting.

The flower of a banana tree is large and in the shape of a beak.

Hort Park Insects

Hort Park Flowers II

Hort Park Flowers