Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Bostonian restaurant in the heart of Chinatown SG.... seriously?!

Me: "What's that across the street?"

Friend looks, and says. "Oh really?"

Me: Oh I must take a picture of it.

Let's see what drinks they've got. Hmm...

Wine? Okayyyy, nevermind. What about food?

I see...

Huh, look at that. They serve Nonya (Straits Chinese) food.

What some of it is:
Ayam Pedas = chicken with chilli
Chap Chye Nonya = mix vegetable stew
Ikan Selar Sambal = grilled fish with chilli
Sotong Sambal Chilli = Squid in shrimp paste chilli
Chendol = a dessert, coconut milk, ice, red bean and green jelly strips.

Finds the flyer --

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